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Legal Defense Fund
Please help keep this resource alive, Donate to our Legal Defense Fund. Help support us by helping to defray the mounting legal fees we are accruing defending our right to tell you, our visiting public, the Truth. When a vender cheats their customer, defrauds the public or refuses to pay for services rendered, we think you need to know.
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About our Funding.
The only funding we get is from donations by our visitors & technical and administrative support from Sound Trax Technologies. We do not take advertising, sponsorships or any form of corporate or business funding in order to assure our impartiality. We can not be accused of not pursuing an advertiser if we do not have any advertisers. For more information see "Our Funding"

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These hosts are greedy, money grubbing scammers!

    We welcome all of your comments and suggestions. Remember, due to time constraints, limited staff and resources not all comments or complaints can be answered individually.
    Rest assured that all messages are read and assigned for resolution. While we understand that every issue is the most important to the submitter, we do have the  thankless task of prioritizing each message according to it's impact to the public overall. Unfortunately, assigning one issue at the top of the list, or answer / investigate / research first, leaves other issues or complaints sitting idle or even appearing to be ignored or forgotten. They are not being ignored, they just have less impact on the general public at large. Meaning they affect a fewer number of people.
    If the merchant you are inquiring about is not in this list then we have not received any un-resolved comments, be they good or bad, regarding this vendors practices.
    Resolved complaints are not listed unless specifically related to a reoccurring theme with the merchant in question.

    A special thank you to all the generous consumers whom have found it in their heart to donate to our cause. We whole heartedly thank you for your support. You can rest assured that all of your donations are helping to keep us online and informing the public about the multitude of scams and dishonest business owners  attempting to defraud honest consumers out of their hard earned money.

If you have been, or are currently a victim of AIT, (Advanced Internet Technologies), defined as any past or present customer that has experienced fraudulent charges or charged for services that where not provided by AIT, add your information to the "Class Action" lawsuit. Help stop these fraudulent scammers from stealing other peoples money and possibly get some, or all of your money returned, and the bogus credit bureau reports removed from your credit report - Join Lawsuit here.

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