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About the Consumer AdvocateAbout the

We Want Your Opinions

   If you have ever had a problem with a merchant in the United States, tell your story here, or the button above. We want to hear about your experiences, (good and bad), with any business or vendor. We will post the truth about a vendor, their practices, policies and complaints regardless of how unpopular that may be with the vendor in question.

    While we can not guarantee a resolution to your dilemma, we will do our best to find one. At the very least, now other people can read about your problems dealing with that particular merchant, possibly even avoiding that merchant altogether.

   On the other hand, if you have had a pleasant experience with a merchant and you feel that they went that "extra mile", give them a pat on the back here also. Let other people know who the honest, helpful and courteous merchants are so we can all show our appreciation by shopping at their business.

    While we do our best to verify complaints, some businesses simply do not respond, or have had so many complaints that new complaints are taken at face value. All complaints are submitted by our visitors and as such are the opinions of our visitors, with the exception of items clearly marked as "The Advocate's Opinion" or NOTE:. Complaints, Praise and comments submitted by our visitors are the issues as encountered by these visitors.

    When a consumer posts a complaint with the consumer advocate, our staff will review the issue, research the company and search for any other listed issues filed against the company in question. We check/search the internet, BBB, other consumer protection agencies and US and individual state Attorney General Offices for any similar issues filed against the company1. We then attempt to contact the company in question through normal channels. From here we take the information we have gathered thus far, review and discuss our findings amongst the staff in attendance, and make our determination.

    When a company does in fact resolve the issues we have filed, posted or otherwise published, we will list them as such "Issue Resolved", We Do Not Remove the Complaint or Issue from our data centre, as this would make it appear as though the issue had not occurred, or in our opinion would help unscrupulous companies hide their true nature. In our opinion, valid, honest, trustworthy companies, Do Not Have a Problem with an Complaint being listed as "Issue Resolved", as it helps demonstrate their "Customer Service". Any company in business for any length of time will have some complaints, it is a fact of life that "No matter how well you conduct yourself, somebody along the way will be dissatisfied". It is how a company deals with those dissatisfied customers, that provides that true resolve of the company. I do not want to do business with any company that has been in business for any length of time that claims to have "Never had a complaint", because such a claim is an instant "Red Flag, this company is lying to me already"!!

    A simple example is "Food Lion", with all the complaints we have against "Food Lion", I personally continue to do my own grocery shopping at "Food Lion", I simply understand that there are some stores have "Real Employees" while some stores simply have "Paid Clock watchers". I do my shopping at the store with "Real Employees", and I pursue any issues I have up the chain of command until I get the resolution that satisfies both of us. Usually this does not have to go any further than the shift or store manager.

    1) However, when we are confronted with obstacle after obstacle, such as company web sites with "Fill in the Blank Forms" in place of valid Contact Information, or missing or misleading privacy statements or "Masked" company information in the domain registrations, we take the stance of "Something is Amiss - Valid Companies Do Not Try To Hide The Information From the Public, (i.e.. their Customers)". It has been our experience that 99.7% of the companies doing so, are in fact, bogus, scams, or in some form not providing the services for which the customer has paid.

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