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    So far we have seen firsthand the scams and fraudulent methods employed by some of the "major" affiliate marketing networks. They seem to be consolidating into a few large scamming centers and operate under various names, including but not limited to . . .

bulletValue Click - Bogus stats, unreported & skimmed sales, Parent company of all of the following networks,
bulletReport Net - BeFree, both are part of Commission Junction and
use the same bogus stats, unreported & skimmed sales techniques
bulletCommission Junction - Once quoted as "Yea we know about the theft and scams on our network and by our staff, but we don't care! We are still getting our cut so it doesn't concern me!"
bulletPerformics - Bogus stats, unreported & skimmed sales. Customer Service is a joke, reps talk in riddles and circles. They seem to be reading from a script of standard answers based on key words in your complaint.

    We have unfortunately had firsthand experience, meaning that we have been ripped off by these scum sucking, blood thirsty, thieves. They lie cheat and steal your traffic, your sales and then lie to you and expect you to believe their lies even when you have documented proof to the contrary in your hands.

    We will be providing copies of the threads, emails, and transcripts of chats that have occurred

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