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    Do not Pay any amount these Scammers claim you owe. The claims are bogus, the amounts are fraudulent and the scam is to get any amount possible, which gives the scammers access to your credit card, debit card, checking account. Once they have your account info you will be relieved of any/all funds available. The Collection Actions are created out of thin air, when these, and i use this term in the loosest possible context, folks call you, get the name of the company you "supposedly owe" and hang up. Call the relevant company, and verify that you DO NOT HAVE ANY OUTSTANDING BALANCE. In my case they claimed I owed Sprint from 25 years ago, claimed I had an outstanding balance from 1988, this occurred in 2013. I didn't have Sprint phone in 1988, and had No outstanding balance with any phone company in 30 years.  

    Sample of collection notice sent about a week after the phone call . . .  

Dynamic Recovery Solutions

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