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    The Consumer Advocate is a Non-Profit Entity, that gets all it's support through donations and volunteers. We are currently a group of concerned citizens that simply believe that there is far too much corruption and greed in today's business world. Far too many consumers are being taken for a ride, and this deception, greed and corruption can only be stopped by exposing those business that practice these corrupt methods of business.

Our Funding
Office Supplies Donated Sound Trax Technologies
Web Site Donated Sound Trax Technologies
Office Space Donated Sound Trax Technologies
Phone Donated Individual
Staffing Volunteers Individuals
Legal Fees Donations Individual Donations to Legal Fund
Current Balance Available upon request

     We believe that consumers, given a choice, will choose honest businesses over those, greedy, corrupt and deceitful businesses, if they only know which is which. Our aim is to give businesses an opportunity to correct honest mistakes, oversights and or inept employees. Those businesses that make an honest effort to correct mistakes, misunderstandings or errors are be given the opportunity to do so, and we want to praise them for doing the right thing. However, those businesses that are bent on deceiving their customers, on over charging, double billing, billing without providing the service or product or any other dishonest business practice, should be singled out, pointed out in bold flashing letters and or shouted at the top of our lungs, so that consumers can avoid these businesses altogether.

    We plan to eventually be designated as a 501c Non-Profit Organization so your donation can be deducted from your taxes, however, at present we are still simply a group of concerned citizens doing what we can to help the rest of our brethren avoid the scams and other rip-offs perpetuated by the ever growing number of crooked business owners looking to simply separate you from your hard earned dollars.

    Our Legal Fund is administered through Sound Trax Technologies and collected through PayPal. Sound Trax Technologies handles all of the technical aspects and business concerns encountered by the Consumer Advocate. This frees our volunteers to pursue the issues submitted by our visitors without being bogged down by the mundane tasks that can consume their time without producing any real benefit for our visitors. PayPal is our payment gateway of choice due to their ability to accept donations from such a wide variety of sources, (Credit Cards, Digital Checks, Bank Transfers, Wire Transfers, etc.), and in any currency used throughout the globe with or with a donator having a PayPal Account. All the donator has to have is the funds and desire to donate to a worthy cause.

    We not only believe in full disclosure, we practice it as fully as we possibly can, probably more than you wanted to know, but at least it is all out there for anyone who wants to know!! If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us and ask about any thing you can not find disclosed or do not understand.

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