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Web Host Hot List

    Beware of the following web hosting companies, they Do Not Honor their service agreements, guarantees, or even provide reasonable hosting.

  1. AIT, Advanced Internet Technologies - Located in Fayetteville, NC, VP will lie to everyone he speaks with, and is simply interested in accessing your bank account. Company will overcharge, double bill, and will skim your visitors. Although you will probably not be able to use "Your SMTP Mail server" the AIT staff will use them for selling bogus mailing lists, to the extreme of making up bogus names @your site and re-selling that list to anyone and everyone with a nickel. During the time we were being burned by AIT, we were paying for nine reseller accounts, yet we had to get an EarthLink dial-up access account in order to send mail from our office to the clients we were working with. None of the Nine email servers' outgoing mail ever worked, the entire time we were housed at AIT, the incoming worked, it had too in order for AIT to get paid for the bogus names they were selling. Every filter we set-up, was stripped within hours. Bogus names set to delete or refuse mail were also reset within hours.
          Update, 6/20/2005 - Newest twist, nearly two years after leaving these thieving, incompetent, scammers, we have been sent a notice that AIT has filed a $ 512. claim at Equifax Credit Bureau against us for an alleged  bill that never existed. By our records and our accounting department, AIT had previously "Overcharged" our account in the amount $ 62., The overage accrued through double billing on some accounts, billing accounts after they were closed, and having "Customer Service" tell customers "the only way to cancel an account is to use the online form". The Online form that Did Not Work!! The Form would not complete successfully, so AIT would continue to bill customers for closed and canceled accounts. Calling "Customer Service" would only get the same "the only way to cancel an account is to use the online form",. it was an endless cycle
  2. IX WebHosting - Kentucky, Windows Administrator is totally Incompetent, servers are off-line approximately 30 to 35% of the time. Does Not Honor it's up-time guarantee, will lie to you, (ie they claim to have replaced the same "Defective IDE Drive with a new SCSI RAID System", six times in four and a half months. That seems to be the generic excuse each time the system goes off-line more than ten hours.), every two to three weeks! -
        Update, 11/22/2004 - It seems that IX has a thing about continuing to charge your card even months after you have left and closed the account. So far they have charged our card a week after we left and again a month later. More on this issue as MasterCard presses charges for FRAUD!!
         Update, 4/22/2005 - We have received a "Rant" from someone who claims to be an "IX Windows Administrator". In this "Rant" the supposed administrator attempts to disqualify the complaints we have posted against IX, however all this individual succeeds in proving is the validity of the "Absence of qualified Windows Administrators at IX Web Hosting". When we some some time to "Point by Point" this person's issues we will list them here, "point by point and fully illustrate the delusional lunacy of the supposed "Windows Administrators" at IX Webhosting.
  3. Pegasus Web Technology, pwebtech - New Jersey, Prior to 9/11 this was a good hosting company, since 9/11/2001 they have been sold to ValueWeb, see below.
  4. ValueWeb - {Florida??}, This hosting company has no real support staff, simply a bunch of phone answering, script readers. If you let them register, transfer, or edit your domain information , it will be screwed up with different names, contacts and other information. You may or may not ever get it corrected. They do Not Have a Clue about Windows Servers or FrontPage. The FrontPage "Guru" does not even understand, common borders, active FrontPage elements or FrontPage site navigation.
  5. VIP WebHosting, Houston, TX - Totally incompetent staff, as evidenced here with their in-ability to keep a simple database working. After five months of VIP telling us how "Screwed up our code is" the only thing we did to fix the database was to move it to a new server. Absolutely none of the code was changed in any of the pages in any way, simply moved to this server.!!!!

    The ineptitude of the hosting companies, like those listed above, finally forced us to become a "Web Host" of our own. It was due to the trials and tribulations of dealing with these corrupt, inept, ignorant, belligerent, clock punchers, that we came to the realization that if we were having this much trouble finding a reliable host, other people had to be having the same problems. 

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