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Power Marine Outfitters

    The Consumer Advocate Warns "Beware of Dale Powell, Count your Change Twice, and verify Anything he says with an independent third party. Our webmaster has had two incidents with this individual, one shorted change on a purchase, the second incident was an out-right lie. No other way to put it, a lie is a lie is a lie.

Message Type: Complaint
Business:  Power Marine Outfitters

      We purchased an outboard motor that according to Mr Powell "Had never been in salt water, It has only been used in a lake near Raleigh, North Carolina". However, when having the motor serviced by our mechanic, prior to our use, we were informed that the head would require some work, as "It had several cooling water blockages caused by encrusted salt."
    Our question was simply, "How does a motor that "Has Not Been in Salt Water" get salt blockages. Since our mechanic has been our mechanic for many, many years, he had absolutely no reason to lie to us, I trust him completely. Mr Powell on the other hand charged a premium, and additional $300.00, for the "Only been used in Freshwater" motor.

Signature: WBR**

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