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RC Engines

Complaint - RC Engines
Date:    4/20/2004

    I saw an ad in the Recycler for engine re-builds and free towing. I had a 67 Mustang that needed a rebuild so I called. I set up a time for them to pick up my car and made sure they knew that my son was a minor and to wait for my husband to pick up the car.
     My son called me at work and said the tow truck was there and that my husband was not and the driver needed a 500.00 deposit (they never told me about a deposit) I called the shop and gave them my credit card # over the phone for the deposit. (they said to start the work they needed it).
    The next day they called me and said they could not do the repair because the engine had already been rebuilt before and they could not do it again. Since then I found out they could have rebuilt it. When I told them I was going to pick up my car, they guy said that they were going to keep my 500.00 deposit. That I had agreed to that on their contract. I reminded them I did not sign their contract, that my minor son had and he could not ratify a contract with a minor.
    I told him I would stop the charges if he did not agree to a reasonable amount. After having to go to the shop and argue with the owner, Rafael, because of no other choice I agreed to pay them 300.00 for telling me they could not do anything. While trying to deal with the owner, the front desk guy told me the mechanic wanted to buy my car. Since I did not have a way to get it back to my house, I agreed. Then they started a bidding war between the owner and the mechanic. Finally, because of the owner trying to take my money, I sold the car to the mechanic.
    When I was checking my credit card to make sure they given me my refund, I found charges that were not mine. They started 4/16/04, the same day I gave the front desk guy, Larry, my credit card number. I reported it to the card company and they told me of around 3500.00 in charges that are not mine. When I got the bill one of the charges is for a long distance phone call from a personal number. When I called that number, it was Larry from the engine shop. I wonder if Larry is taking credit card numbers from customers and if the owner knows about it.
    The credit card company won't do anything unless it is more than 10,000.00 but I need to do something so this Larry does not continue to do this to others. - Janelle Kidman

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