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Watch List

The following Companies are Currently Being
Investigated by the Advocate, the US FTC,
and/or various State's Attorney General Offices.

  1. "Phishing Schemes", leading to Identity Theft, the single biggest issue at the FTC - A multitude of schemes are currently making their rounds throughout the internet. They are claiming to be from nearly every bank and financial institution in the country. Any "Verify your data at, insert bank name, for any reason, is BOGUS. The thieves are attempting to fool you into revealing your account info so they can empty your account!!
  2. Web Hosting Companies - Hosting Hot List
  3. DSI Financial, aka; Accelerated Financial - "Debt Elimination", ".. high pressure sales tactics and misrepresented consumers in a sophisticated telemarketing operation to sell the debt reduction service." quoted from the Washington State AG settlement
  4. Haynes Furniture - This one keeps growing & growing
  5. Sprint/Embarq - Bogus Billing & Sales Deception.
  6. Sun Spots Realty - These, oxygen wasting sacks of carbon, actually tried to sue us for publishing the truth, can you say "First Amendment".

    This list does not comprise all of the companies or complaints that we are looking into. Simply the current "Hot List" or the perpetrator's affecting the largest number of people and/or large sums of money per incident.


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    The complete "Current Case List" at the US Federal Trade Commission can be found here;
    To file a complaint or learn the process can be found at the US FTC site here;
    Lots of helpful "Consumer Oriented Information" available from the FTC to help consumers avoid being taken advantage of can be found here;

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