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Remote Service
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Remote Service

    We now offer Remote Service! Many of our maintenance services are available remotely. Call in to our office, while we are on the phone you download an applet from our website, available at right or via the left border, run it, you Do Not Install the Applet you simply Run it and we log into your computer via the ID and Password you give us on the phone. Your ID code will stay the same for each session;  but every remote session you will have to give us the password which changes each time. The applet is simply run as is, you do not install anything and there is not anyway we can access anything on your computer once the session is complete. This assures your security.

Remote Service Issues

    Remember - Not all issues can be fixed online; there may be a point where we can not go any further with the repair, restoration or fix via remote service. At that point we will recommend that you bring your computer to our shop where the final issues can be repaired. This is rare, but just be aware that the possibility exists, sometimes a virus or problem is simply not repairable online via remote session. Some issues simply require "Hands On" repairs, due to the tools and methods required. Some viruses and issues have to be cleared or resolved during the startup which is simply not possible to do remotely, because they have to be done before the computer is loaded enough to run a remote session. Again this is a rare occurrence, but if we do find that yours is one that can not be fixed online, we will recommend that you bring it to our shop.

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