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McGowan Lee Avent -
Mack "Oh Yeah" Avent - Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar     Lead Vocals / Acoustic Guitar

    A Wilson, NC native whose passionate vocals were influenced by his admiration for some of the greatest bluesmen of our time such as Howling Wolf, John Lee Hooker and Sonny Boy Williamson. In the early 70's, Mack's introduction to KISS led to a career in rock n' roll with emphasis on a great live show. Writing songs with childhood friend, has produced songs and lyrics that are Soul Angel's cornerstone.

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Lea Peed -
Lea "Fingers" Peed - Keyboards/Synthizers & backing Vocals    Keyboards / Vocals

    Lea, who hails form Durham NC, is a twenty five year veteran of both live and studio projects. Having played with many bands such as "10th Avenue", "Tightrope" and "Butch and Sundance", his influences are vast. Also a songwriter and composer, Lea gives Soul Angel creative depth.

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Jay Renard -
The Minister of Rock - Bassist, Jay "Mr Bass" Renard    Bass / Vocals

    Originally from Detroit MI, Jay has been playing bass and writing for twenty years. He has literally played all over the world while serving in the US Marine Corps. Paul McCartney and Donald "Duck" Dunn influenced his "in the pocket - rock solid" style.

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Neal Purser -
Neal "Sticks" Purser - Drums/Percussions/Chimes    Drums / Vocals

    Relocated 10 years ago from Raleigh to the Wilmington area, Neal has played with rock bands all of his youth and adult life. Some major influences have been Jeff Pocaro and John Bonham. Neal has previously played with Lea before but when he received a phone call with the question, "Do you wanna rock?" the time was right.

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Horace Bennett -
Horace "Slow Hand" Bennett - Lead Guitar    Lead Guitar / Vocals

    Originally from . ..
  Horace has been playing and writing . . .
  "Since the dawn of time".
  "Nero and Copernicus" . . . influenced his
  playing style.

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