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    Here is a sampling of what the press and the industry has had to say about Soul Angel's three song demo CD made available to the industry recently.

Michael Bruce - U.S.A.

Carolina Group Gets Its Wings and Takes Flight
    Let me share a small miracle which put a smile on my face and hope in my heart. I had the pleasure of listening to a promotional CD I received featuring the music of Soul Angel. The beautiful thing about their music is that it's all played and written by real people!
   No loops, samples or electronic voodoo. Just good honest, homemade music from a group of very creative musicians in North Carolina. Their three song demo features titles like; Longshot, Too Close To The Fire and Soul Angel. With shades of Bad Company and a driving force neatly imbedded within catchy riffs and harmonies, Soul Angel should have a great ride along their way to fame, fortune and success while bringing Rock and Roll back with a vengeance!

Michael Bruce 11/01/00 - of the original ALICE COOPER group, songwriter of such hits as "No More Mr. Nice Guy", "School's Out" and "Eighteen":


Soul Angel
Pre-release, 3 songs-Longshot/Too Close to the Fire/Soul Angel
    Here's a band that has done their homework. This three song pre-release CD demonstrates this fact. Good strong vocalist up front, with good lyrics and catchy choruses, along with a classic late 60's, early '70's sound, complete with Hammond organ and synthesizer and tasty guitar work, make for good listening. Watch for the Soul Angel release the first of the year (2001.)
John Palumbo 9/08/00

U-Rock Management - St. Petersburg, Fl

Soul Angel-Demo Review
    Soul Angel is a rock band that gets back to the root of what rock and roll is all about. Great vocals, ripping guitar riffs, solid bass lines, powerful keys, and steady drumming. Being from the "old school" of rock and roll, i.e., Grand Funk Railroad, The Who, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin. I have thought rock was dead, but I guess I was wrong. Soul Angel's sound is a sound that is a cool combination of the classic rock bands of the '70's and some hard rockers of the '80's. Their sound is unique, and will be a model for other rockers. I look forward to hearing much, much, more from Soul Angel. Congratulations Mack, **, Lea, Jay and Neal ! Keep on rocking !!
George H. Anderson  9/19/00

Southeast Performer Magazine

Soul Angel- 3 Song Demo
    The group known as Soul Angel has teased up with a three song pre-release that should be nothing less than their first step to the top of the charts. This band is a nice mix of experienced artists that have years of music-making experience between them. As they combine talent, experience, and a love for their work,
    Soul Angel delivers passionate vocals, appetizing guitar playing, stunning keyboarding, and well-timed drumming, topped off with great production. With this artistic expertise, these five individuals have come together to produce a sound worth listening to, remembering, and looking for.
    From the very first note of "Longshot", the listener's attention is captured, as it is held throughout "Too Close to the Fire", and is not released until the end of "Soul Angel". You'll know you're hooked when you find yourself singing along to the music well after the CD had ended. Soul Angel creates timeless rock, with many influences to spice each song. This band combines soul, funk, and jazz - incredibly blended with rock - to produce some great music.
    But referring to the sound of Soul Angel as just 'great music' is not quite accurate. This band has the makings and the sound of real classic rock-n-roll - the music that our society is losing. To anyone having anything to do with this band and its development, thank you. Thank you on behalf of the children who don't know what good music is, and thank you on behalf of everyone who remembers what good music was. Soul Angel has truly given us a gift.
By: K. Harris

Brain Storm Promotions

    North Carolina based band of veteran musicians who are preparing to release a full CD early in 2001. This being a 3 track demo to give a sample of what's to come. The band list numerous influences, anywhere from Alice Cooper, to Robin Trower, Todd Rundgren, the Beatles, and various others. The lead off track is "Long Shot", and easily the favorite and most promising here. It's an upbeat classic rocker, which begins in Pink Floydian style, and then reminds me of mid 70s Heep, with a nice melody, hammond, and a brilliant guitar solo reminiscent of Mick Box and Robin Trower in places. The synths & hammond give this one a powerful 70s flavor, with a blues edged vocal from Mack Avent.

Perry Long

** Name removed by request.

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