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Soul Angel Tracks

Burn your favorite Soul Angel Tracks
to your own CD's - Absolutely FREE

    We are making Soul Angel's Debut CD entitled "Soul Angel" available to our fans Absolutely Free! These tracks are full length,  full fidelity, "CD Quality" audio tracks, Recommended for broadband users due to their size. However, if you are limited to dial-up service, and are willing to spend the time required to download the tracks,  then by all means "go for it', God Bless you, with out you, our loyal fans, we would not be what we are today!!

  1. Longshot - 4:20; - Download Track
  2. The Mountain - 3:38; - Download Track
  3. Run & Hide - 5:11; - Download Track
  4. All A Man Needs - 4:02; - Download Track
  5. Too Close to the Fire - 3:19; - Download Track
  6. Stand My Ground - 4:45; - Download Track
  7. If I Could - 4:25; - Download Track
  8. Hear Angels Sing - 5:58; - Download Track
  9. The Charge - 5:26; - Download Track
  10. Soul Angel - 7:27; - Download Track

Bonus Track; Fall In Love At Christmas - 3:53; - Download Track

    The tracks are in mp3 format, prepared by Sound Trax Technologies, 'Sound studio' ripped from the CD and prepared for internet distribution/download.

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